Sunday, 22 November 2020

5 Tips For Starting A Blog!

 Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog or welcome if you're new!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you 5 tips for starting a blog, I'm in no way saying my blog is super successful but I like to think over the last nearly 4 years of doing this I've learnt a lot (hopefully enough to help you guys out)

So let's just jump right in, shall we?

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Anxiety Q&A

 Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog or welcome if you're new!

So a few months ago now I posted a blog post titled 'I'm ready to talk about this' and in that blog post I talked about how I have anxiety, I also said I wasn't going to do much anxiety related content but later decided I would do a little Q&A just answering any questions people maybe had

This post was originally supposed to go up sooner than this but then I decided to re-launch my blog haha so if you have any other questions, if you didn't see when I asked on my Insta stories for questions, feel free to leave them in the comments

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I do not have all of the answers nor do I know, or claim to know, everything about anxiety, everything in this post is simply something I've read or learnt for myself*

Okay, let's get into it shall we?

Sunday, 8 November 2020

October Highlights (2020)

 Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog, or welcome if you're new around here!

Today, as mentioned in my last post, I'm going to be sharing my October highlights with you guys,

If you're new to these posts my highlights are basically the best moments from the previous month, I've been doing these since 2018 now I think and I honestly love writing them so much!

Okay then, let's get into it shall we?

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Welcome To My Re-launched Blog!

 Hey guys,

Welcome to my refreshed, re-launched blog!

So as you can probably see I’ve changed the design of my blog quite a bit, (unless you're new and this is the first time you're seeing my blog, if so, hey! Welcome! I hope you stick around)

Thursday, 1 October 2020

September Highlights (2020)

 Hey guys,

Today I'm posting my September highlights, as I need to post them before I put my blog on private tomorrow for about a month to redesign and bank up some content and then probably in November I'm going to re-launch my blog, so I figured I would post it more on time haha so that you guys have a it's up before my blog goes private, as it would be too late after

So, let's get into it shall we?