Sunday, 1 July 2018

June Highlights (2018)

Hey guys,
It's the 1st of July! Which means it's time for yet another monthly highlights,
So, without further a do, here are my highlights from June!

2nd June:

On the second my MAC review post hit 100 views! It still amazes me that my little blog can hit all of these big milestones

3rd June:

On the third I posted my third YouTube video, the 10 minute makeup challenge (I'll link my YouTube at the end of the post in case you want to check out any videos I mention, just so that I'm not linking too much haha)

4th June:

Lots to write for the 4th,

The 4th was the day before Blaze's birthday so I went out to get his presents and if you have a dog, or dogs, you'll understand how hard it is to pick presents for them,
I ended up leaving Pets At Home with a doggy birthday cake, a box of doggy chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of 'pawsecco' which is a doggy drink that looks like wine
I also got him a card from somewhere else haha
I'll put in pictures here of the presents and card

Also on the 4th I gained a new subscriber on YouTube, meaning I now had 6

I also noticed on the 4th that my first YouTube video (Intro To My Channel And 10 Facts About Me) had hit 56 views, which amazes me as I've only just really started YouTube, at this time my second video (A Throwback To My Wales Holiday In 2017) had 21 and my third (10 Minute Makeup Challenge) had 22, so I'm pretty impressed so far haha

And finally for the 4th I noticed that my all time views on YouTube were at 96, so close to 100 already!

5th June:

Blaze's 3rd birthday,

The 5th was Blaze's 3rd birthday so I gave him his presents and let him try his new treats etc
He was actually really picky with his new treats that I had bought him haha, he was super picky about eating the cookies and didn't really like the icing on the cake, just the biscuit part haha but Chase seemed to like the cake, they both did however love the 'pawsecco' haha so that went down well
(Update: As I'm writing this (28th June) the cookies have all been eaten so they did like them eventually)

On the 5th I also had a super productive day,
I'll put in a list here of everything I got done that day,

- In the morning I wrapped Blaze's presents
- Later I straightened my hair, something I don't do often, so I'll put in a pic here

- I then filmed 2 videos, my Disney Store Haul (Like I said before I'll link my YouTube channel at the end of this post) and my Full Face Of Makeup With No Brushes video (This one goes up today (1st July) the same day as this post)
- I also did some dance stuff and choreographed a little bit too
- I later did a warm up, then a full body stretch, then a cool down (If you saw my 2018 goals at the beginning of the year, you'll know I wanted to start stretching more, so I'm working on that at the moment)
- I also got 2 blog posts scheduled, one for the weekend that was coming up (It was my Zaful update if you're interested you can find it here) and one for a few weeks after that which hasn't gone up yet (As you're reading this it goes up next Sunday)
- I then started editing my Disney Haul (I currently use Windows Movie Maker and it's not working great at the moment if anyone knows any good editors that are free please leave them in the comments for me haha)
- And finally I wrote out a gym workout plan, Pure Gym recently had an offer on for 3 months for £30 so I couldn't not do that, so I've been working on a plan for different days I'm there, maybe when I've been going a month or so I'll post my workout routine

I know the 5th has been pretty long but I also got some cute pictures of Blaze and Chase with the presents from Blaze's birthday that I thought I would share with you guys:

This one is just Blaze with his presents
Blaze and Chase with the presents

Blaze with the 'pawsecco'

Chase with the 'pawsecco'
I love this one! I thought it would be cute to lay it out like
a who stole the cookies picture haha
And finally a picture of the 'cake'

6th June:

On the 6th I noticed my YouTube all time views had hit 108, I can't believe I achieved this within about 3 weeks of being on YouTube, it's honestly so amazing to me!

7th June:

Another YouTube achievement here, but on the 7th I noticed my YouTube views had gone up to 110, so only by 2 from the last day but I thought I'd write it in here anyway haha

I also took a look at my analytics and realised my watch time had hit 181 minutes! This again is so amazing to me, I'm so happy with how my blog and YouTube are doing at the moment, I mean I've only been on YouTube a few weeks and already my views are doing so well, thank you to anyone who watches on there as well as reading my blog you all are amazing!

9th June:

My YouTube watch time on the 9th had now hit (and passed) 200! On the 9th it was on 212!

10th June:

I know a lot of these for June so far are YouTube related but on the 10th I noticed my first video was on 61 views so it's starting to get close to 100 already! And that's only in a few weeks!

I also noticed my all time views had now gone up to 121!

12th June:

On the 12th I noticed that my pinned tweet on Twitter had got to 441 impressions, this is amazing to me haha (I've said that a lot already this post but all of these achievements amaze me so much I don't know how to put them into words haha) it's super rare I get tweet with this much engagement

I also noticed on the 12th my 10 minute makeup challenge had hit 40 views!

17th June:

The 17th was the day I posted my Disney Haul video

On the 17th we also went out for dinner for Father's Day, we went to a carvery for a roast dinner, I'll put in pics here:

Instead of getting a dessert this day I decided to get my first freakshake too!

This was the strawberry and waffle one, it was vanilla ice cream, milk, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, candy floss and the waffle of course
I must say it was delicious too!

18th June:

On the 18th I started going back to the gym again for the first time in about a month

19th June:

Another YouTube one now but I noticed my all time views had now passed 150 and had hit 156

21st June:

On the 21st I was at the gym again, me and Tamanna are trying to do 3 days a week as often as possible

I also hit 200 followers on Twitter! It's taken a long time to get here haha but I'm so happy to have hit 200 at last (You can follow me here if you're interested)

22nd June:

On the 22nd I was back at dance for the first time in a while and the class went really well

I also hit 400 followers on Instagram! (You can follow me on Instagram here if you're interested, I'd love to hit 500 soon)

The 22nd was also the day I noticed I had had 1,513 on my Instagram this particular week

24th June:

On the 24th I posted my Summer Bucket List for this year! So if you'd like to know what's on the (quite long) list of things I want to do this summer you can find it here

25th, 26th and 28th June:

Not so much a highlight but on these 3 days I was at the gym again, I'm really loving being back in the gym at the moment

30th June:

On the 30th we went to my Aunties and she had the pool out so it gave me the chance to wear my swimsuit I bought last year that I hadn't worn yet, she also did a buffet for lunch too,
I'll put some pics in here I got from that day:

This swimsuit is probably my fave thing ever haha
And that brings us to the end of this month's highlights,
Like I said before let me know if you would like to see a workout routine on here soon, I feel like I'm starting to get a routine going now,
Feel free to follow my social media if you're interested and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel here too if you'd like to check out my videos, also like I said before if you know of any good, free video editing software please let me know,
Also feel free to follow my blog, the follow options are in the side bar for desktop or at the bottom of the page on mobile,

Anyway, with all that said, I hope you enjoyed this post,
For those who maybe don't know yet I post on here every two weeks now to alternate with my YouTube channel,
Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you soon for another post,
Hanna x


  1. Fab post! It sounds like you've had a great June for sure. Congratulations on hitting 400 followers on Insta.

    Jordanne ||

    1. Thank you, I really did! haha. Aw, thank you so much!

  2. That freakshake looks amazing! You achieved a lot this month in terms of YouTube! Well done! Your dogs are so cute! It sounds like Blaze had a great birthday!

    1. I know right! I need another one soon haha it was delicious. I'm so happy with the achievements this month, thank you! Aw, thank you haha he had a great birthday, I love the range of treats they do for dogs haha x