Sunday, 27 May 2018

MAC Foundation And Eye Shadow Review

Hey guys,
So if you saw my day out post the other week, you'll know I picked up some MAC eye shadows and a sample of their Studio Fix foundation,
I have now been wearing them for a while, testing them out and so I thought it was time to write a review,

So, here we have it, I'll tell you what I think of the foundation and if I would purchase it and what I think of the shadows I picked and if I would repurchase,
Let's begin shall we?

Let's start with the foundation,

I got colour matched after I had bought my eye shadows and got a sample of Studio Fix in the shade NC15,
I tried this out the next day and for first impressions I found it hard to apply with my stippling brush (I don't use a brush for concealer etc so maybe that's why I struggled, I dunno haha) so I used my Real Techniques sponge instead, on the other hand I instantly loved the coverage and I could tell it definitely matched me instantly,
One thing I noticed when applying it for the first time is once it was applied and I had my other face makeup done and it came to eye makeup, as I was doing my eye makeup and raising my eyebrows to do so it did crease on my forehead, but now I just do my face makeup after my eyes instead as I have a habit of really raising my eyebrows to do my eye makeup haha

Moving forward about 13 days haha and I've been wearing this every day I have worn makeup,
I must say after trying it for a while I absolutely love it! It feels so light and as a matte foundation it feels like I maybe wouldn't need powder although I still wear it anyway (I definitely don't use as much powder as I did when I just wore concealer though as I don't need to with this foundation),
Also as I've tested it out I've come to realise that it only creases a little too, which is great, and it's not that noticeable to be honest when it does crease

Here is a pic of the foundation actually on me

Would I buy this full size?

YES! Definitely, I love it so much, it matches me really well, feels super light and barely creases on me
I'm actually sad I'm running out of the sample haha I love wearing it so much

Ok, onto the eye shadows, I got a four shadow palette but could only afford that day to fill it with 3 shadows, 3 shadows were £35 and 4 were £45 (I only had £42 haha)
Anyway, I picked the shades Expensive Pink, Star Violet and Swiss Chocolate
I'll put in pics here of the palette, Expensive Pink is top left, Star Violet is to the right of Expensive Pink and Swiss Chocolate is the bottom right

Expensive Pink

Star Violet

Swiss Chocolate

Top: Expensive Pink
Middle: Star Violet
Bottom: Swiss Chocolate

The woman who helped me pick the shades was so helpful! She asked what kind of shades I liked and if I liked warm or cool tones best etc and then she helped me pick the perfect shades for me and helped me pick what shades would go together as well etc

Anyway, I'm definitely in love with Expensive Pink, it's the perfect pink shade and it's so pigmented! It also has gold under tones which I love, my favourite shades are usually anything pink, gold or rose goldish haha

As for Star Violet, I love the shade but I haven't worn this one much, I have tried it with Expensive Pink and I do like the two together, I just find Star Violet harder to blend with Expensive Pink, maybe I'll give it another try, but that's fine as it's a pretty shade

And finally Swiss Chocolate, I love a nice matte brown shade and this one is perfect, I actually wear this daily with Expensive Pink, I just love how it looks with it

I'll put a pic here of me wearing Expensive Pink and Swiss Chocolate together
I wear Expensive Pink all over my lid and then put Swiss Chocolate in my crease and on my outer v

Would I repurchase these shades?

Expensive Pink - Definitely, I'm in love with this shade, it's the perfect golden under toned pink (I don't know if I described that right)

Star Violet - Maybe, I like the shade I just don't use it often, but I guess it's nice to have as an option in a palette

Swiss Chocolate - Definitely, it's such a perfect matte brown and it's warm toned too and I love warm toned shadows the most haha I just think they suit me better

As for the gap in my palette, I'm thinking of filling it with Amber Lights, but I'm not 100% sure so if you have any suggestions that would fit in with the theme of the palette leave them in the comments

And that's all for the review,
I hope you enjoyed it, I tried to write everything I think about each product as best I can haha,
Let me know if you have and love any of these products,
I think MAC have already become another one of my favourite brands, the shadows are just so beautiful and pigmented and the foundation is so nice too!

Thank you so much for reading today's post and I'll see you soon for another one,
Hanna x


  1. The foundation looks so good and I love the eyeshadow shades! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

    1. I love the foundation and yes! The shadows are so pretty! Thank you for commenting x

  2. Star Violet is such a beautiful color! I could see myself wearing it. I really liked the color palette you chose.

    1. It really is a pretty shade, I just don't wear it often. Thank you x

  3. I love MAC for most things, and those shades look gorgeous- I don't have any of them so I want to go and buy now!
    Sophie - x

    1. Yeah I definitely think MAC is already another brand I love! You should, they're such beautiful shades x