Sunday, 10 June 2018

Zaful Review Update: Returns And Exchanges

Hey guys,
If you saw my Zaful Spring/Summer Try On Haul And Review I put up back in February you'll know I was exchanging and returning a few items and so today's post is the update I said I would write once I had done any returns and exchanges, letting you guys know how it all went through etc.
I will say I'm a little nervous to post this haha but here goes!

First I will explain how returns and exchanges work with Zaful,

So basically, the first step is contacting the support centre on their website and telling them about each item,
This is slightly annoying, because you have to write out a 'ticket' for each item, individually,
Then they give you a ticket number for each item and reply, I guess in what was a couple of days, via email with a link to each ticket thing, it's hard to explain haha,
We had a huge problem with this part, the links in each email wouldn't open, it kept popping up saying to clear cookies, we did this but most of the time still no luck, not all of them would open, or we'd reply to the ticket message and then it wouldn't work again after that

After a good few days of trying and failing to open the links, we finally decided to message Zaful on Facebook to ask what to do, hoping this could fix it, they then replied with an email address to email for support,
So, we emailed explaining our issue,
They then emailed back the next day with another link, this one thankfully opened and this had all the info to return and exchange things,
We then downloaded the RMA form attached and my Dad printed it at work for us,
We then got a box and put in the items to be sent back for returns and exchanges, we attached the RMA form and put a note inside too explaining what was for exchange and what was for returns etc,

A few days later (the 23rd March) I sent the box of returns and exchanges to the RMA address (which luckily was in Birmingham and not the US or delivery would have cost a lot more than it did haha),
The delivery cost just over £6 and was first class delivery and delivery so that the person who collects the box has to sign for it, just so I know when they have received it,

After this we actually didn't hear anything for ages, and I had looked online and it said the package had been signed for, so in April (I don't remember when exactly) my Mum emailed to see what was going on,
They then sent back an email with a link to a ticket message thing, I feel like Zaful would be more simple if it was done all through emails or messaging and they didn't have the ticket process, I think personally it's confusing, and then we had the issue I mentioned before of the ticket pages not opening etc

Eventually they replied saying the refund for returns had been sent through, but by this point my Nana, who's card I paid with as I currently don't have a bank card myself, had had to have her card cancelled due to fraud or something,
So then we had to wait for my Nana to get a statement to see if the refund was put through before the card was changed

Eventually we got the statement and thankfully it had been refunded,
They refunded £49.31 I think it was,
I have learnt though that I don't think they do exchanges as I think they just refunded for everything, I'm not sure (I also don't think they give full refunds, again I'm not 100% sure)
So, if I had wanted to get the items I wanted exchanging in the size I actually need I would have to order again and this would also mean having to pay customs again, so by this point I was debating if I actually wanted the items so badly I was willing to pay extra, it was only 3 items and I could put that refund towards something else haha

I will now put in a quick reminder of what I returned and what I was wanting to exchange:

Items I Returned:

  • Pineapple Romper
  • Birthday Slay Swimsuit
I returned the pineapple romper as it didn't fit properly (as you'll know if you saw my last post) and there was no way to fix the issue with the fit

I returned the swimsuit however because it didn't fit in a medium and the small was out of stock but also because the more I looked at the picture of me in it the more I felt it wasn't flattering and I didn't like the fit anymore

Items I wanted to exchange:
  • Open Back Cropped Tank Top
  • Floral Crop Top And Slit Skirt Set
  • Mesh Panel Leggings

I wanted to exchange the open back crop top for a medium as I got a large originally and the sides folded when it was tied so it didn't look right

I wanted to exchange the floral crop and skirt set for a small as I got a medium originally and the top was far too big haha and the skirt was big too

And finally, I wanted to exchange the mesh panel leggings for a large as I got an XL last time as the XL measurements seemed small and would fit my waist, however the XL fit great on my legs but was too big in the waist band part of the leggings, also the leggings didn't come to the waist and were still big so I decided to go down a size haha

In the end I decided that I wouldn't order again for the items I wanted to exchange, it was only 3 items and I still have the other 6 items I got and love, so it wasn't that big a deal,
I just didn't want to get the size wrong again and then have to sell them or whatever afterwards if they didn't fit again, I also didn't know if I would wear the floral two piece now actually as we aren't going on holiday now and I just wasn't sure I'd wear it in the end haha

Ok, so to round up this long and rambley post, I still love the clothes I got from Zaful as I haven't seen too many things similar in shops in the UK, but the returns are a bit of a pain, for me at least, I mean it's not that bad, just more confusing than anything, customer service is pretty helpful when it comes to issues and questions but it just took me so long to get returns sorted out and it was kind of stressful haha, I don't think it helped though that me and Mum kept forgetting to check the tickets, so if we didn't get an email to say there was a message then we would forget haha,

I will be wearing the items I have though through Spring and Summer as planned but I'm not sure I'll order again, I think maybe one day I'll give it a second try (and just try and remember to check tickets if I need returns doing) as I love the unique clothes and think it would be fair if I gave them a second chance too,
I am by no means saying don't order on Zaful, I still think the clothes are amazing quality for such a good price, one of the t-shirts I got is so comfy, I wear it so much lately! But if you do order and then need to return for whatever reason just remember to check your account for tickets regularly haha

To conclude, like I said the items are great quality and I think I will maybe order again one day and just make sure I'm some what sure something will fit, or if I can't resist an item haha
I am however glad I tried out the website as I now have some super cute pieces to wear that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't ordered,
Maybe if I decide to order unique items like this again I will try SheIn as I know they are like Zaful but a UK site (although I think they still use tickets, the same as Zaful), but I wouldn't have to pay customs and the clothes are pretty similar if not the same,
I still think it's a great site for cheap, good quality clothes I just found it all a little confusing to return, but saying that I'm not used to returning things online as usually I order online for shops near me so I can return to the store usually, if I order on a site like this again I think I'll do what my Dad suggested if things don't fit and just sell them or whatever if they can't be adjusted to fit, just to make the process easier, or who knows maybe I'll give returns a second chance too haha

One final update before I end this post, they were kind enough to offer to send the leggings I wanted in the size I needed free of charge but I kindly refused as I would have to pay customs most likely as they have no control over custom charges, it was however very nice of them to offer and I appreciate this gesture a lot after the few problems I had

Anyway, that brings us to the end of this post,
I'm sorry it isn't as positive as the first review was but I thought it was best to write a follow up review, let you guys know how returns etc went as I know not a lot of people do this when they do try ons and reviews of online shops etc.
Like I said I still think Zaful is great I just don't like the 'tickets' that much, but like I said I'm not used to returns being done online as I don't order online often,

*These are just my own opinions, some people might prefer the ticket system and may not have the troubles we had, I just wanted to write the update I promised you guys*

If you would like to read my First Impressions style review that I linked at the beginning you can find it here.

Thank you for reading and I'll be back soon with a more positive post haha,
Hanna x

P.S. For those who don't know I now alternate my blog and YouTube channel, so this week I'm posting this post and next week I'll be posting a video etc etc,
My monthly highlights will still go up the 1st of every month however,
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  1. Aww, it's such a shame that you had so many problems with their ticketing system. I'm surprised they don't do things over emails, but it's probably easier on their end if they have all the tickets in one place. It was nice of them to offer to send you the leggings though!


    1. Yeah, I think one day I'll give them a second chance as their clothes are so cute! Yeah, I guess haha. Yes, I agree they were so nice and helpful x

  2. That's such a bummer that you had such a hard time with the ticket situation! Having to get a separate ticket for each individual item must have been frustrating!

    1. Yeah, it is a little frustrating but maybe one day I'll give them a second chance haha x