Sunday, 24 June 2018

Summer Bucket List 2018

Hey guys,
It's officially summer!

So, for anyone who didn't see, last year I did a summer bucket list and this year I thought I'd do another! (I'll link last years at the end of this post)
I love doing bucket list posts as I just really like setting goals to achieve within a certain time haha
I will do the same as last year also and post two updates about how I'm getting on with the bucket list, one probably mid summer and the other once summer has ended
This years list is quite a bit longer than last years but I had a lot of ideas this year, some I included in last year's list and some are newer ideas,
I hope you guys still like reading it even though it's longer haha

Anyway, without further a do, here is my summer bucket list for 2018!

  • Try frozen yoghurt
I wanted to do this last year and I found a frozen yoghurt shop in Wales but they didn't have a flavour I would have liked haha, so hopefully I can try it this year, I'm fairly certain there's a frozen yoghurt shop near me

  • Complete a scrapbook
Again another one from last year's list, I didn't get around to this last year, I started a scrapbook but never finished it, so I'd like to start a new one this year and complete it

  • Go shopping
I was thinking of maybe doing some kind of challenge like spending a certain amount of money in a certain shop haha that way it's not just plain old 'go shopping' I'm adding some more fun into it and I could blog or vlog about it too

  • Go out for ice cream
Again I think this was on last year's list but I love ice cream in summer, I feel like it's a staple food to eat in summer

  • Play mini golf
I've loved mini golf since I was little so I'd love to go and play it this year and I could maybe vlog it too!

  • Go zip lining or something like that
Anyone who knows me knows I want to start doing more things that are out of my comfort zone and things I wouldn't normally do, I just want to start being a bit more daring and adventurous,
There are two places near me I'd like to try, one is a zip lining place with one big zip line I think and the other is a high ropes thing, where basically you're harnessed up and have to complete a set of I guess you could call them obstacles and then zip line at the end to end the course, I just thought either one of these would be fun, especially if they would let me take a GoPro on with me haha

  • Wear a GoPro
This ties in with the last one, but I just thing wearing a GoPro this summer if I get some of these things done would get some really awesome video footage to use haha

  • Take a photo everyday for so many days
I like the idea of either a photo challenge or just taking a photo each day for so many days

  • Do a photo challenge
Again, like I said above I love the idea of taking so many pictures for so many days and I have seen different challenges on Pinterest before that I think would be fun to try

  • Take an outfit photo everyday for so many days
Again, I guess this one is similar to the ones above and I guess the 3 could tie in together haha

  • Take a train ride somewhere
I'd like to do this as I've only been on a train once in the last 2 years and I'd like to visit somewhere on a train this summer, I'm just not sure where yet haha

  • Visit somewhere new
I'd love to go and visit somewhere I've never been before this summer, I'm just one of those people who really enjoys exploring new places

  • Go bowling
I think this was on last year's list too, I'd just like to try and go bowling in the summer as I really love bowling

  • Go to an arcade
Again, I think this was on last year's list, I've always loved arcades and I love to visit them in the summer haha
Plus the place I go bowling also has like a mini arcade so I guess that would count, right?!

  • Take pictures in a photo booth
I can't remember exactly as to whether this was on last year's list but the bowling and arcade place also have a photo booth I think, so that would be super fun

  • Vlog something
I recently started a YouTube channel which you can find here and I would really like to film at least one vlog this summer

  • Do a 'My Week In Outfits'
I'm thinking of doing this as a blog post this summer, I just think it would be a nice summery post to write

  • Have a barbecue
I just love a good barbecue! haha. I mean who doesn't?

  • Try a new food or drink
I have a thing just lately about trying things I've never tried before and I'd like to try at least one new food or drink this summer

  • Go to a swimming pool
As some of you may know I can't swim although I still would love to go to a pool this summer

  • Go to the beach
I've always loved going to the beach and so I feel like this should definitely be on my list of things to do in summer haha

  • Learn to swim
As I mentioned above I cannot swim but I am super eager to learn, so when better to learn than in the summer, right?!

  • Go to the gym
I've recently started going to the gym more regularly and I must say I really enjoy it, so I'd like to keep that up during the summer where possible

  • Do a beach photoshoot
I don't know why I just love the idea of doing a beach photo shoot for my blog or social media

  • Go out for breakfast
I always go out for lunch and dinner but never really breakfast so I'd like to get up earlier and go for breakfast one day during summer

  • Go to the zoo
I have always loved visiting zoos ever since I was a kid and I still love them now as an adult, I think I've been to a lot of the zoos and aquariums in France too haha
So I thought it would be fun to visit a zoo and maybe vlog it for you guys

  • Go to a theme park
There is actually a theme park near me that has a zoo too so I think I'd like to go there, that way I can do the theme park and zoo in the same day and it would be a super fun vlog haha

  • Go to Brighton
This one is a little out there but I think Brighton looks like a beautiful place and I would love to be able to go there in the summer if I could afford to

  • Go to a trampoline park
I have only been to one once and I loved it, it was super fun, so I think it would be fun to go again sometime in the summer

  • Go to an aquarium
Just like zoos I love a good aquarium, I don't know if I'm gonna get all of these places visited haha hopefully I'll be able to afford them all but I just thought I'd make my list a lot longer this year, then I have a range of options of things to do

  • Try a mason jar salad
I saw these on Pinterest last year and didn't get around to trying one so I'd like to make one to try, although I don't know if it would count as a salad as I don't really like a lot of salad foods such as lettuce, cucumber etc but hey it's worth a try haha

  • Try being a vegetarian for a week
I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try, I guess this also ties into the mason jar salad one as I could use that as a meal or whatever for part of the week,
Also, let me know if you'd want me to blog this challenge for you guys, so I can tell you how I did

  • Take a digital detox
Whenever we go on holiday or away somewhere I love to take that time to turn off my internet (even if where we stay has wi-fi I don't use it haha) and just enjoy the scenery etc around me rather than looking at my social media and stuff like that
I actually really enjoy not being on social media and the internet to be honest so even though we aren't going on holiday this year I'd like to do a digital detox still

  • Read a new book
I'm not one of those people who reads super often but when a book comes out that I'm interested in I do enjoy reading,
This summer I want to take the time to read a new book, I have my eye on one or two books haha, these are How To Break Up With Your Phone, I think it would be fun to learn how to not be on my phone so much in everyday life and not just during digital detoxes, and Girl On Pointe: Chloe's Guide To Taking On The World, I've watched Chloe Lukasiak for a while, starting when she was on Dance Moms to now that she has her own YouTube channel and I really admire her as a dancer so I thought it would be nice to read her book

  • Film an everyday summer makeup tutorial
I would love to step out of my comfort zone a little on my YouTube channel and film my everyday summer makeup look for you guys
Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in me doing this

  • Edit a video
I guess this one comes back to YouTube again haha, I have loved editing little videos for years, in fact in 2015 I 'vlogged' our holiday to France and did some fun editing on it (maybe I'll post it one day, let me know if you'd want me to)

  • Take a lot of pictures
I would like to just take a ton of pictures this summer and then maybe I could put them in a post on here to show to you guys

  • Make glow in the dark bubbles
I wanted to do this last year but never got around to it so who knows maybe I'll do it this year, I'd love to see if it works

  • Blow bubbles
This relates to the last one, I'm a big kid when it comes to bubbles, I've always loved them and so any excuse to buy some bubbles haha

  • Bake/make something summery
I've been loving baking more this year and I'd love to bake something a little summery on a day where I don't have a lot planned or even just make a summery treat that doesn't require baking, either one will do haha

  • Do a summer lookbook
I'd like to do this either on my blog or on YouTube, I'm not sure yet, but I've wanted to do one for a while now and why not in summer? I mean it is one of my favourite seasons

  • Do something I've never done before
I just thought this one sounded fun and mysterious, so yeah, this summer I would like to do something I have never done before, I'm not yet sure what that is yet but we'll see haha

And that is my (very long) summer bucket list for 2018!

I will now link all of last year's summer bucket list related posts in case you want to see how I got on last year:

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I hope you enjoyed this post, I look forward to writing more summery posts this year and I will be updating you guys as to how my bucket list goes like I said before too,
Let me know in the comments one thing you would love to do this summer,

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon for another post,
Hanna x


  1. Hey! Long time no see! Great to see you have continued your blog as I completely abandoned mine for a few months. Do you know how I can get awareness back up for my blog? xx

    1. Hey, all I would say is to promote your posts on social media as you were before, I'm not too sure sorry x

  2. Great bucket list! I don't make lists like this during Summer because I spend most of my time indoors because I hate the heat! Frozen yoghurt is SO yummy!


    1. Thank you so much! Aww, sometimes even I find this type of heat too hot haha. I really need to try frozen yoghut haha it looks so good! x

  3. Loved this list! I haven't done mini golf in ages! There's a really cool mini golf course close to where I live so I was definitely hoping to do it sometime soon. I also love bowling and the arcade. I definitely feel inspired after reading your post!

    1. Thank you! I haven't done it in ages either but mini golf is always fun. Aw, I'm glad to know you feel inspired, thank you x

  4. Such a great summer bucket list! Having frozen yogurt and ice cream are definitely a must to do on summer :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yes! I definitely need to try frozen yoghurt soon x

  5. Wow you've got a really long list here! I hope you manage to achieve as many of them as possible, some of them are really good ideas that you've actually made me want to do myself like the week in outfits idea!

    Jess //

    1. I think I'm being quite ambitious haha. Thank you! I'm glad I could inspire you, thank you for your comment x

  6. This is an incredible list, I’ll definitely be coming back to it over summer so thank you for sharing!x

    1. Thank you so much! Aw, it means so much knowing you'll be using my list through summer, thank you for your comment x

  7. So many fun things to do on your bucket list! I love frozen yogurt so much which reminds me I have not had it in a while! Also, just went bowling with friends yesterday which was super fun! Best of luck with this! 💕💕


    1. Thank you, I try to keep it as fun as possible haha. So many people keep saying how good it is, I really need to just go try it already haha. Aw, cool! Thank you again x

  8. Hanna your bucket list has me feeling all shades of inspiration! Some of yours I wnt to try is the mason jar salad, a week's worth of outfits, and go to an ice cream shop. I hope you zip line and they let you use the GoPro that'll be so much fun to see :) BBtw, I can barely swim too :)

    Natonya |

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad it's inspired you to take some ideas from it. Yes, I hope so too! That would be some amazing footage haha :)

  9. Your summer bucket list is so adorable and I hope you get to accomplish everything on it this year! Mini golf... ahhh, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I grew up golfing so I figured mini golf would come naturally for me, it didn't haha!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Oh no haha, I've never actually played 'proper golf' haha just mini golf x

  10. wowowowowowww this is a heavy bucket list! But it's always good to have lots of things to do to keep you occupied. My main goal is to get through a couple of novels purely for fun - I'm so used to reading lots for uni that I've forgotten what it's like to read purely because I want to!

    1. Haha, yeah I was very ambitious this year :) Exactly haha it's good to have options. Cool, that sounds fun, I'd love to read more for fun x

  11. I love this list Hanna! There are so many fun things to do! Brighton is such an awesome place to visit, I love it there, I hope you get to go this summer! Photo challenges sound really fun, an outfit a day photo would be so cool. Hope you achieve everything you want too lovely! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, Brighton looks amazing with so much to do. Thank you xx

  12. This is a lovely long list so good luck with getting it all completed! I love Brighton and I love ice cream so those two definitely have my vote!
    Sophie - x

    1. Thank you so much! Haha yeah I'd love to get to Brighton this summer and ice cream is definitely a must in summer 👌🏻 thank you for commenting x

  13. This is a great list! Brighton is fab, one of my favourite places and well worth a visit! Looking forward to reading your updates! x
    EllieLilyLouise //

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, it looks like such an amazing place. Thank you x