Sunday, 25 June 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

Hey Guys,
Since its now officially summer, I decided to share my list of things I want to do this Summer,
I have never really done a bucket list before and thought it would be fun,
I took off some of the ones that I'm not too fussed if I don't get to do, just to make the post a little shorter, as it's already quite long,
I know I might not get all of these completed but there are some things I hope to complete more than others.
Anyway, let's get on with the list;

1) Make a Summer scrapbook,
I bought a plain white scrapbook last year and never got around to filling it, so this year I hope to.
I have also bought a HP Sprocket so I can print summer memories from my phone.

2) Go on a picnic,
I just think this is a typical summer thing to do, but I love it.

3) Go shopping,
Shopping is something I love, whether it's makeup or clothes.
And I particularly love buying new clothes for the summer.

4) Take a walk,
Me and my Mum walk the family dogs a lot and in Summer we tend to go around the lake so our 2 year old dog can go for a swim,
But also I just like being out in the sun and in the Summery air.

5) See a movie,
I'm not hugely bothered if I don't get to do this but thought it would be fun.

6) Go out for ice cream,
Another typical summer thing to do but in my opinion, for me, it's just not Summer without ice cream.

7) Have a bubble bath,
I have the Lush magic wand bubble bar, (I have actually lost it at the moment haha), and find that with my Butter Bear bath bomb, (or butter ball as I think butter bear is only available at Christmas), to be super relaxing,
And the Butter Bear/Ball makes my skin feel so amazing.

8) Watch a sunset,
This one is just something I think would be cool to do and I could get some nice pictures.

9) Bake something,
Not necessarily just for summer, I know, but I like the idea of doing this is summer.
I've also found a lot of recipes I want to try on Pinterest.

10) Take a train ride,
Not much to say about this one, I just want to go on a train somewhere.
I did this last year too and had a really good day.

11) Go bowling,
Bowling is just something I love to do and I think it would be fun to do in Summer.

12) Go to an arcade,
Personally I love going to the arcades and seeing if I can win tickets to get some cool prizes.
This is again something I did last year, I just love playing the machines in the arcades.

13) Take pictures in a photo booth,
I just like the idea of having photos with friends or family to keep as Summer memories.

14) Have a barbecue,
I love having barbecues in Summer and then sitting outside to eat.
And summer is the perfect time for a barbecue after all haha.

15) Make a movie,
I love making little videos of summer for friends and family to watch.

16) Make ice lollies (or Popsicles),
I think this is a simple thing to do and ice lollies are really refreshing in Summer.

Until typing this blog post now I really didn't realise how long this post was going to be haha

17) Make a collage,
I just think it would be nice to have a collage of summer memories to look back at.

18) Play mini golf,
I've always loved mini golf and think it would be something fun to do in Summer.

19) Make pizza,
Not so much a specific thing for Summer, just something I want to try.
I love the idea of making your own pizza and not just buying one.

20) Try a new Starbucks drink,
I want to try one of their frappuccinos, I've tried the hot chocolate when my older sister got one before but have never really tried any of the other drinks.

21) Get frozen yoghurt,
This one is just something I've wanted to try for a while and I feel summer is the perfect time to try it.

Only a few more left haha

22) Go to the beach,
I personally love the beach.

23) Go to a trampoline park,
Me and a friend have been talking about this for a while but I have an injured ankle from dance so will have to see about this one.

24) Go to an aquarium,
I love visiting aquariums, especially in the summer.
It's just so beautiful to look at everything.

Onto the last two,

25) Make glow in the dark bubbles,
I saw these one day on Pinterest and thought they would be so cool to try and make.

26) Be more hydrated,
I'm one of those people who tends not to drink half as much as I should,
So this Summer I want to drink more, I don't actually like water so I want to try fruit infused water to see if I can make it taste better ahaha.
That way I'm still drinking water like I should.

Sorry if this post was a little long,
I hope you enjoyed it,
If you did please follow my blog to keep updated, and feel free to comment,

I'll try to maybe update on social media what I get done off this list, or write an update post after summer,

Thank you so much for reading,

See you in my next post,
Hanna x

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