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Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar Review

Hey guys,
It's new years eve!
I know I said I wouldn't be posting until the New Year but today I thought I would do a review of the Makeup Revolution advent calendar I got in November,

This advent calendar was a 25 day advent calendar, which I can never normally find in beauty advent calendars,
I also got this for only £25 it was supposed to be £50 but it was on sale!

Ok, so I will put in pics of each day and say what I thought, some products I still haven't used yet but I will say what I can about them,

I also did a Tanya Burr advent calendar review a while ago which you can check out here,

Anyway, onto the review!
It may be a little bit of a first impressions with some products though,

Day 1: Nude Lipstick

I was actually really surprised when I first tried this lipstick on because I actually really liked it and normally I don't like nude lipsticks, the only issue I found was it didn't stay on very long

Day 2: Mini Foundation Brush

I feel like this brush would do nicely for concealer to be fair, especially under the eyes

Day 3: Baked Highlight (In The Shade: Rejuvenate)

This is probably my favourite of all the advent products, I now wear this highlight everyday as it is such a beautiful gold shade

Day 4: Pressed Highlight (In The Shade: Peach Kiss)

I wore this one the other day and although it's pretty it didn't seem to apply as well as Rejuvenate, maybe it's because I haven't got into the product properly yet, maybe I need to use it more for it to become more pigmented

Day 5: Pink Lipstick

I haven't tried this lipstick on yet, but it looks like a great shade for spring or summer

Day 6: Mini Face Brush

I haven't fully tested out this brush yet so not much more to say other than it's very soft haha

Day 7: Anti Shine Balm

Another product I haven't really tested out yet if I'm honest

Day 8: Lip Gloss

I haven't tried this yet, but it looks like it would be nice on days where you maybe don't want to wear a lipstick but still want a bit of shine and a bit of colour too

Day 9: Berry Toned Lipstick

I've not worn this one yet but I have tried it on once I think and I think I quite liked the colour

Day 10: Strobe Balm (In The Shade: Golden)

This strobe balm is such a pretty shade, I have recently found a new love for gold highlight so I'm excited to try this as the swatch is so pretty

Day 11: Another Nude Lipstick

I don't think I was too keen on this shade when I tried it on, but like I said before I'm a little picky with nude lipsticks,
One issue I did find with the lipsticks in general is I couldn't find a shade name on them so the two nude lipsticks have a similar colour packaging and it's a little difficult to tell which is which

Day 12: Eye Primer

I tried this out and I wasn't too keen, simply for the fact I use a concealer as a primer at the moment so I like a nice coverage and this didn't seem to cover veins etc on my lids,
One thing I did like though is how it felt on the eyes, some primers I've looked at before have felt greasy and oily but this doesn't, this has a concealer texture, just not the coverage

Day 13: Pressed Highlight (In The Shade Ice Kiss)

I don't think I've tried this highlight on yet but I'm pretty sure I'll like it as I have the shade Ice Kiss in the big Skin Kiss highlight and before I found Rejuvenate in this calendar that was my go to highlight

Day 14: Bronzer

I tried this out and I think it's a nice bronzer to be fair, maybe a tad darker than I like, but really nice overall, it might do ok for trying contour, Who knows? haha
Maybe it would do for summer when I'm a little more tan

Day 15: Compact Mirror

This is perfect if you want to focus on eye makeup, it's the perfect size to hold to focus on one eye at a time

Day 16: Baked Highlight (In The Shade Flash)

I need to give this one a try because the swatch is so beautiful! It has like a nice iridescent look to it and really gives off all the unicorn and mermaid vibes, definitely need to try this one out, so pretty!

Day 17: Lip Gloss

This compared to the other lipgloss I feel would be perfect for a slight pop of colour but a glossy shine too, another I'm yet to try on properly though

Day 18: Mini Eye Shadow Brush

This is the perfect size for doing your inner corner highlight, I've actually tried the strobe balms with this brush in the inner corner and it gives a nice somewhat subtle highlight to the inner corner, which I really like

Day 19: Strobe Balm (In The Shade: Rose Gold)

This one is another pretty strobe balm, I am yet to try these out properly on my cheekbones but I think they would do great when you want a somewhat more subtle highlight
They also look great on the inner corner of the eyes 

Day 20: Mini Angled Brush

This is another brush I'm yet to try out properly, so not much to say haha

Day 21: Baked Highlight (In The Shade Gold Addict)

I'm yet to try this highlight properly with all of my makeup on, but I do feel like it is a little dark for me as I'm a little pale haha

Day 22: Liquid Highlight

I'm excited to try this one, it looks like a beautiful shimmery highlight 

Day 23: Another Pink Lipstick

Not tried this one on yet either, but it also seems like a perfect summer and spring shade

Day 24: Red Lipstick

This is probably my favourite lipstick in the calendar, I wore this on Christmas Day night when we went to my Nana and Grandad's and boxing day to my Auntie's and I really love this lipstick! It's the perfect red lipstick, and it lasted really well throughout the night

Day 25: Eye Shadow Palette

This is a very pretty palette, and the shades are really nice I just haven't found the right look with it yet, some of the shades are very pigmented!

I must say overall I quite liked this calendar, I love that the products weren't minis either,
I also love that there are a wide variety of products and shades for everyone

Anyway, that's all for this post,
I hope you enjoyed it,
I'm sorry it wasn't like a proper review,

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post,
Hanna x

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