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Blogmas Day 23: Two Quick And Easy Christmas Treats

December 23rd:

Hey guys,
I can't believe it's day 23 already!
Only 1 day of blogmas left
I actually can't believe I've posted every day until today too haha,
This post is going to be some quick and easy Christmas treat ideas that I got from Zoe (Zoella)'s video last year,

Before we get on with that though, it's time (like everyday), to open my advent calendar,

Makeup Revolution Day 23:

Day 23 of the Makeup Revolution was this pink lipstick,
I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best I had to use flash as I forgot to take them in daylight haha

Now that's done without further a do here are the treats I made,

First up are these super cute gingerbread cheesecake truffles,

All you need is a pack of ginger biscuits, some cream cheese (I used Philadelphia), some chocolate and decorations of your choice, I used dairy milk and milkybar as my Dad doesn't like white chocolate, I also used writing icing which were dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel and I also used sprinkles and a couple of micro marshmallows for a couple,

First you just pop the biscuits in a blender or anything that will break them up quickly, I didn't have a blender so went for the old fashioned way of putting them in a food bag and hitting them with a rolling pin haha until they were in fine crumbs,
Next you put the crumbs in a bowl and mix with a 'dollop' of Philadelphia (I used about a dessert spoon and maybe a half extra, it really depends haha, you want it to be not too wet that it won't stick, you want them to roll together nicely)
Once it's all mixed together roll the mix into balls (they can be as tiny or as big as you like),
We actually ended up not being able to roll them so kind of had to mould them into balls haha,

Then freeze for 30 minutes, I just put them on a baking tray with grease proof paper on so they don't stick,

Once they're done in the freezer, melt down your chocolate of choice and put a cocktail stick into the gingerbread ball, then dip in chocolate and pop back on the tray, I removed some of the sticks so I could put on the writing icing,

Finally add sprinkles or whatever you choose to decorate with, I did a few with icing and a few with sprinkles like Zoe's, I also added micro marshmallows to a few,

And that's all for these delicious treats!

Last but not least is another one that Zoe made, Christmas pudding rice krispie treats,

These are honestly so cute!
For this you will need 50 grams of unsalted butter, 180 grams of marshmallows (I used small ones), 100 grams of Rice Krispies, 200g of milk chocolate (I used dairy milk), white chocolate (For melting. I used Milkybar, I also used dairy milk as like I mentioned before my Dad doesn't like white chocolate), a freezer bag or piping bag and finally festive sprinkles!

Ok, first you put the butter in a pan on a low heat and melt it,

Once that's melted add in marshmallows,

When the marshmallows have melted in too, take the pan off of the heat and add in the Rice Krispies,

Once you have mixed in the Rice Krispies, leave the pan off the heat and then it's time to melt our milk chocolate,

In a bowl over a pan of boiling water (on the hob) melt down your chocolate,

Next you need to add the milk chocolate to the Rice Krispie mix and stir it in,

Now you just want to roll them into balls, like with the gingerbread truffles,

Again, as with the other two recipes, you will need to put them on a baking tray lined with grease proof paper, I used a plate instead for these haha
Next chill in the fridge for ten minutes.

Once they are out of the fridge this is where the freezer bag (or piping bag) comes in,
You will want to melt down some white chocolate and put it into the bag twisting the top to secure it,
I melted some white and some milk chocolate separately,
Then snip the end with scissors to make a tiny hole for the chocolate to come out of,
Then you just want to drizzle some what messily over the pudding,
And finally all you have to do is add the 'holly',

I got these holly sprinkles from Morrisons,
And that is it!

Taste Time!

The rice krispie Christmas puddings were nice but I will just say you can taste the marshmallow quite a bit haha, and they were a little hard to bite as I had them in the fridge haha,
As for the gingerbread truffles I liked these too, they just taste like a ginger biscuit covered in chocolate,
These were both pretty nice but I probably prefer the truffles most!

That's all for today's post,

Let me know if you make or have ever made any of these,
Personally my favourites were the probably the truffles taste wise,

Feel free to follow my blog if you're enjoying blogmas so far,
I'm kind of sad blogmas ends tomorrow haha,
Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow!
Hanna x

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