Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Blogmas Day 20: Cute Christmas Gift Bags

December 20th:

Hey guys,
Today I'll be showing you how I am gifting Christmas gifts this year,
Last year I went with cute fold up boxes in different Christmassy patterns,
This year I decided that gift bags were a cute option,
I got different gift bags for each family member but I won't be saying whose are whose in case my family read this haha,

Anyway, like everyday I will start by opening my advent calendar

Makeup Revolution Day 20:

Day 20 of the Makeup Revolution advent calendar was this cute mini angled brush,
I feel like this would be great for eye liner maybe

With that now done here are some pics of the bags I picked this year,

The first one I'll show you is this really pretty gold and white glittery striped bag, I thought this was so pretty!

Next is this cute bag with a bauble on it with star shaped glitter/confetti in it, I thought this one was a really fun gift bag haha

This one is so cute! It's like a winter scene with a cute reindeer on it, I like that it has a winter wonderland feel to it

This one has a santa on and the front is actually like a giant gift tag haha, I just thought that was so cool

This one also has a Santa on and I just thought this was kind of a traditional style design on it

This one I had to get! It's so cute haha. I love that it says it cannot be opened until December 2017

Anyway, that's all for today's post,
I'm sorry if it was a little boring haha,

I hope you're enjoying blogmas so far, I'm enjoying writing it,
I'm kind of sad it ends in 4 days, I've really loved preparing so many posts haha
I've actually been making hot chocolate stirrers today for tomorrows post!

Thank you for reading and thank you if you've read all of my blogmas posts so far,
See you in tomorrow's post,
Hanna x

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