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Blogmas Day 13: Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar First Impressions And Review

December 13th:

Hey guys,
Today I thought I would review the Tanya Burr Cosmetics advent calendar I have been opening for 12 days on my blog so far, as the calendar ended yesterday
Before we get onto that I will be continuing to open my Makeup Revolution one as that one is 25 days,

Makeup Revolution Day 13:

Day 13 of the Makeup Revolution advent calendar was another pressed highlight, this is the shade Ice Kiss, I actually already have their big Ice Kiss highlight in the Skin Kiss highlighter and I absolutely love it

Ok, with that done let's get into the review of the Tanya Burr advent calendar,
I will be showing you what each day was and telling you what I think of the products I have used,

I will just say I haven't used all of these products yet so I can't do a full review, more of a first impressions,


I loved the packaging of this calendar, it is so pretty!

Day 1: Festive Red Nail Polish

A beautiful festive red nail polish (the shade of this nail polish is actually called Festive Red haha), I tried this one on today with day 4's nail polish over the top, it's so festive and pretty, I'll probably post a pic on my Instagram or Twitter once I've painted them fully haha

Day 2: Cranberry Melt Lip Gloss

Cranberry Melt, a really pretty red lip gloss, 
Anyone who knows me knows I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but I really want to start trying to get used to how lip glosses feel on my lips,
This is such a beautiful festive shade and the fact that it's such a beautiful shade makes me want to try to wear it even more!

Day 3: Glitter Liner, Gold

I cannot express how much I love this glitter eyeliner!
It is quite subtle but adds the perfect amount of glitter to a look, I love this liner so much I recently added it to my everyday festive makeup 

Day 4: Glitter Rain Nail Polish

Another nail polish, as I mentioned above I tried this one on over Festive Red today and I love it, I think I'm going to paint my nails for Christmas soon haha

Day 5: Pink Fondant Lip Gloss

I'm sorry the first picture isn't the best haha

This lip gloss is a really pretty shade, I haven't really worn any of these for a whole day yet as I'm living in my Kylie Jenner lipstick at the moment but this seems like the perfect gloss for summer too!

Day 6: Glitter Eye Liner, Silver

I haven't worn this one yet, as I prefer the gold, but I think this would look really nice during the festive season
These glitter liners though feel really natural on the lids, you can't feel that it's there once applied

Day 7: Glitter Pot, Let It Snow

I tried this on earlier and it's a really pretty glitter on the eyes, I must say I've actually never owned a glitter pot though so I'm not entirely sure what to use underneath to apply it so it stays on, any recommendations?

Day 8: Compact Mirror

This mirror is so cute and perfect for your makeup bag, also perfect for doing eye makeup

Day 9: Ice Queen Lip Gloss

Again I haven't tried this on for a whole day but I tried it on earlier and it is really pretty for when you want a nice subtle gloss, it gives a really nice shine to the lips as well as a nice little bit of shimmer too

Day 10: Nail File

Having long nails I am often in need of a nail file, for example when a nail breaks unevenly, which they are doing a lot lately haha

Day 11: Glitter Pot, Midnight Angel

Again I haven't used this, but it looks like a deep green glitter, a perfect festive shade
I would love to see what this looks like on the eyes

Day 12: Nail Polish, Glitter Frosting

I tried this on today and I really like it. I'm thinking of using all 3 nail polishes for my festive nails this year, I was going to paint all my nails red apart from my index finger on each hand and then I was going to put the silver polish over the red and then the gold on my index fingers
I just love all 3 nail polishes so much I had to use them all! haha

Ok, so overall I loved this advent calendar,
My favourite products so far are probably the nail polishes because they are the perfect for the festive season,
I also love the gold glitter liner too though, perfect for my gold smokey eye I mentioned in my everyday festive makeup the other day

That's all for this review,
Who knows you might see some of these in a favourites soon when I start using them all,
I want to do a December Favourites in the new year,

I hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments if you have any Tanya Burr products and what your favourites are,
Also let me know like I said in the post what I can use to get the glitter to stay on my eyes better,

Thank you for reading and thank you especially if you have kept up with blogmas so far on my blog,

I will see you tomorrow for blogmas day 14,
Hanna x

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