Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Top 5 Biggest Dance Inspirations (At The Moment)

Hey guys,
So today I thought I would do another dance post, my last dance related post was 10 Dance Quotes I Love,
Anyway, today I am writing a post about who my biggest inspirations are at the moment and why,

Let's just jump right into it shall we?

*These are in no particular order*

1) Chloe Lukasiak
    I used to watch Dance Moms a while ago and Chloe was always my favourite, I then started watching her YouTube channel too and I just love her dance videos etc, she is such an amazing dancer and inspiration to people

2) Anna McNulty
    I found Anna's YouTube videos a while ago and she has recently started a follow along Friday series. I'd really like to try and follow along with even a few of these videos as they seem really helpful, I've already tried a few stretches from her stretching routine she put up last week, I also look up to her a lot as far as flexibility goes, she is super flexible and it's great motivation for me wanting to improve my own flexibility

3) Alivia D'Andrea
    Again, I found Alivia's YouTube channel quite a while ago and I just find her stretching routines and warm up routine both super easy to follow and super motivating, I actually use her stretching routines 3 times a week at the gym and I feel like I'm starting to notice a difference already, I also plan to start using Anna's in the gym too soon

4) My Dance Teachers
     I feel like dance teachers are every students inspiration, well my two ballet teachers are at least, both the teacher we had before and the teacher now inspire me a lot, I would love to teach dance one day so I also look up to them a lot

5) Dana Alexa
    I've been watching Dana on YouTube for quite a while now and absolutely love her choreography.
For those who saw my 20 Things I Want To Do Before Turning 21 post you will know one of the things I want to do is learn one of Dana's choreography pieces.
I can't say whether I will complete it or not haha but I want to at least start learning a piece of her choreography again, I started a while ago and just never continued with it

And that brings to the end of today's post, I'm sorry it's a little shorter than normal,
Let me know if you have any post ideas in the comments, I'm a little stuck at the moment haha,
Also, if you are a dancer let me know in the comments who your biggest inspiration is, I'd love to know

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Thank you so much for reading, I really do appreciate every viewer, and I will see you in two weeks for another post!
Hanna x


  1. I loved Chloe on Dance moms! She just seemed the most genuine and down to earth. I think it's lovely that you really look up to your dance teachers. This a great list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, aw thank you and thank you for commenting x

  2. Great post! These dancers all sound like amazing sources of inspiration!

  3. Love love this post! The dancers I absolutely love are Misty Copeland and Francesca Haywood - they're both amazing!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yes! Misty Copeland is amazing too, ooh I'll have to look up Francesca then x

  4. Great post! I used to take tap dancing classes when I was younger and I really enjoyed them - they were also a great way of keeping fit! It's really nice hearing how these dancers have inspired you.

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I used to love tap dance, I really want to start it again sometime. Aw, thank you again x