Friday, 23 March 2018

This Or That Tag

Hey guys,
Today I thought I would do the this or that tag, I've done quite a few tags on my blog (I love a good tag post haha),
The last tag I did was The Travel Tag,
I saw this one though on ashleighwrites the other day and thought I would give it a go myself,
I've also seen a lot of tags like this on people's Instagram stories too but I can't post them on there myself as I don't have the Instagram app and my phone storage is pretty full haha,

Ok, onto the tag!

Cookies or cake?

Definitely cake

Cat or dog?

Dogs, I don't mind cats but we've always had dogs so I'm more of a dog person

Computer games or video games?

Not too sure about this one, I'd say now I play more computer games, I love The Sims 4 haha

Pop music or rock music?

Pop. For sure

Pancakes or waffles?

I love both but I must say I definitely prefer waffles more haha

Hot chocolate or coffee?

I don't like coffee so hot chocolate, I love a good hot chocolate

Morning or evening?

I like both but I like them both for different reasons, I love mornings getting ready for the day etc, but I love evenings because you can just sit and chill

Day or night?

Probably day

Text message or call?

Text message, I find calls awkward sometimes haha, I'm much better with texts

Library or museum?

Hm, maybe a library I'm not sure it would depend on the museum haha

Summer or winter?

Summer. No doubt about it haha
I just prefer the warm sunny weather to the cold

Theatre or cinema?

I'd have to say cinema because I've never really been to a theatre, that I remember, but I really want to go to a theatre some time to see a ballet

Book or movie?

Probably movie

Tea or coffee?

I actually don't like either haha

Coca cola or Pepsi?

I don't like fizzy drinks at all haha

Rain or snow?

Rain, I feel like snow is pretty when it falls but awkward and somewhat annoying when walking in it when it lays on the ground haha

Car or motorcycle?


Comedy or horror?


Reading or writing?

I like both, I love reading certain books but I also love writing my blog

Phone or computer?

I love both haha (Who doesn't?) but I probably prefer my phone because it's more portable haha

Doctor Who or The Walking Dead?

I have never really watched either haha

Straight or curly hair?

Probably straight hair

McDonald's or Burger King?

I'd have to go with McDonald's as I eat McDonald's more but I love Burger King's chicken nuggets

Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter, for sure

Comedy or drama?


Being too warm or too cold?

Ah, I'm no good with questions like this, maybe too warm because I hate the cold haha

Pasta or pizza?

The hardest question of them all, I love pasta and pizza so much haha, so probably both

That brings us to the end of this tag,
I hope you liked it,
Let me know in the comments what your favourite season is and why,

Thank you for reading,
I'll see you soon for another new post!
Hanna x


  1. Lovely reading this. My favourite season is Autumn most because winter is just too cold and spring/summer means hay fever! So Autumn is just perfect!

    Soffy //

    1. Thank you so much! I don't mind Autumn to be fair because it's still kind of warm haha

  2. I'm definitely a hot chocolate person and love Summer, hate Winter! This post has made me want waffles haha! I love these kind of post, they're so easy to read and fun!- x

    1. Yes! You can't beat a good hot chocolate and I hate winter too haha, it's just too cold. Thank you x

  3. I’m with you on the summer and being warm! 😍 I would say I’m more of a pizza person but that’s a tough one! Great post, thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Definitely, I love summer so much! Thank you x

  4. omg you don't like tea?! That is a crime! lmaoooo! I love these kinds of posts - I'm far too nosey lol! x